We are team of dedicated art enthusiasts fuelled by passion. The family at Massive Art Gallery is very colourful. Some deep, some light, some reflect and some absorb. Some are shades and some are bright, some are lustrous and yet some other are calming and resonating.

We call us the MAGers. Our top MAGs are senior painters and sculptors who have spent their life for art. Our younger MAGs have chosen this road out of sheer passion, truthful to their call. They have joined hands to add vigour to tradition and a piece of heart to the future of art. Our MAGers work towards bring art to life and life to art. 

Our Company

The team was formed first. And then the digital side, to bring our dream to you. We called it the Massive Art Gallery.  MAG works with two motives. One is to bring art into our living and working space. Like nature, living close to art can heal us and motivate us. We are passionate about making art resonate in your space.

The other is to create a platform for the talented artists to sell their work so that their effort and what they have to say is appreciated by the likeminded people – this, we wholeheartedly believe will change lives for the better.

We have been doing this for a long time now. Now, we have gone digital, to reach farer.

Our Artists

An artist, it doesn’t matter from where he is. An artist, it matters from where he is.

Yes, you read that right. We have removed man made barriers to bring to one common place where artist and art lovers can meet to create life for each other.

We have artist from over 30 countries from all over the world. They do art every single day. Their passion is their profession. They are a clan of inspired, happy, passionate, sometimes weird souls who have a fire somewhere inside with something very clear to say to the world. Oh yes, and some of them have no fire inside, they have a flowing stream of fresh water, the very thought of which, calms!

Best international and contemporary artists have chosen Massive Art Gallery to be their online platform. 

Our Art

The masterpieces which are displayed at Massive Art Gallery are passed through an authenticity testing and quality reviews. Each piece of art is unique and original. No re-creations whatsoever are permitted.

We are joyful in maintaining this place and hope this place makes a difference in your place. 

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